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Offshore companies owning UK residential property: New UK tax considerations in 2018 There has been a long history of acquisitions of UK residential property via offshore companies by non-UK resident investors. Since 2012 the UK tax advantages of offshore corporate ownership have reduced. Our comprehensive white paper examines the nbsp;loss of these benefits and how, arguably, nbsp;ATED can be considered a voluntary tax. Download now Important notice As a further step in our integration into the Vistra group, our bank details have NOW changed. Full details of the new bank and account number(s) will appear on invoices and monthly statements sent to clients. From the 1760s the strict conventions of Palladianism were challenged and then modified by a new breed of professional architects of whom the greatest were Robert Adam (1728-92), his younger brother James (1732-94), Sir William Chambers (1723-96) and James Wyatt (1746-1813). Robert Adam was the leading force in creating a new style, spending several years abroad and examining sites of antiquity at first hand. He denounced the eternal repetition of the same traditional classical elements and brought a greater degree of flexibility to the interpretation of classical architecture. Inspired by his study of the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace in Dalmatia, he also introduced a new range of decorative motifs. The result was a new architectural style which is generally known as Neo-classical or even simply as ‘Adams style’. It was characterised by buildings with light, elegant lines unbound by strict classical proportion. Adam treated ornament freely – introducing delicate swags and ribbons into his interiors which were painted in delicate greens and blues, lilacs, dove greys and faint yellows. The fan light was a prominent feature of Adams style. 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