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Pet Grooming Services

First Class Dog Grooming

We will work with you on customizing your pet’s hairstyle to suit individual preferences and lifestyles and make sure your pet leaves looking cute, smelling great and feeling happy! In addition to providing stylish, high-quality grooming, our main priorities are the safety and comfort of your pet, and we will do everything in our power to make sure they have a positive and stress-free experience with us!
Servicing Queens and Nassau counties since 2009, we have earned the reputation of a first-class pet grooming salon that not only provides great hairstyles and happy pets, but also focuses on each individual's pets personal needs. Whether they need additional focus on their skin and coat due to allergies or dry skin, teeth requiring an extra special brushing, ears with infection, eyes that stain their coat, or nails that need that extra personal manicure, here at Marie's Pet Grooming we go the extra mile to help with those problem areas and provide you with our deep personal pet knowledge to minimize or eliminate some of these conditions.



  • We will need your pet's Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella up-to-date vaccinations for our records. Owners must either bring us the paperwork so we can make a copy, or have their vet fax it to us at (718) 744-2581 prior to the appointment. 
  • Owner must disclose any pre-existing pet health conditions and abnormal behavior.
  • Average groom time is 2-4 hours; however, since every dog has different needs, please let us work at our own pace. We cannot guarantee a pick-up time. We will call 20-30 minutes before your pet is done. Less interruptions help us to check out the dogs quicker- please do not stop back in the store until you are called. If you have timing concerns, please let us know before making the appointment.
  • Grooming prices vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, behavior, haircut type, and length of time taken for grooming. Prices can change at any time.
  • For safety concerns, all pets must be walked into the store on a leash or placed in a carrier.
  • If we cannot brush out all your pet’s mats safely or humanely, we must shave him/her down to remove the mats. We will always ask for permission before shaving. Pets that are severely matted will be charged a matting fee due to the time and effort needed to carefully remove the mats.
  • We will call you if we notice any health concerns during grooming that was not previously noticed/mentioned by you.
  • We will call you if we find fleas/ticks on your pet, and must charge for treatment.
  • If your pet gets overly stressed or possibly aggressive during any part of the grooming process, we will not risk him/her nor our staff to get hurt. Our aim then is not about style, but to keep the pet clean and comfortable.
  • Your punctuality is very important, if you are 15 minutes late he/she will be considered a walk-in. If you are more than 20 minutes pass your appointment, we can not guarantee you a spot that day. 
  • We close when the last dog leaves (between 5-6:30p). All dogs must be picked-up before closing time. If your pet is our last appointment, we require you to pick up within 30 min of our call. If the pet is not picked up within 30 minutes, a fee will be charged.
  • We are required to collect sales tax for all transactions.

Cancellation Policies:

Due to excessive last minute cancellations & no shows, we must enforce the following policies:

- If you wish to cancel or reschedule for a later date, you must do so 12 hours before your appointment. 

- For (2) last minute cancellations, you must prepay half of the next grooming package. After three last minute cancellations in a row, you will no longer be permitted to use our services.

- For (1) no show, we will charge a $25 fee at the next grooming. After two no shows, you will no longer be permitted to use our services.

- If you arrive and don't have proper vaccination documentation, we could possibly need to cancel the appointment. It is NYC law and our policy that dogs who enter our facility are suitably vaccinated, which is for the safety of all the dogs here. 

SORRY...  we are not able to provide Cat baths at this time.

Call us at 718-380-7387 or book your grooming appointment online.


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